Premium Gold for Grande Reserva 2019

Quinta Vale d’Aldeia Grande Reserva Red 2019 placed in the top 35

The QUINTA VALE D’ALDEIA Grande Reserva Red 2019 was selected and rated one of the best 35 Portuguese wines, among Whites, Reds and even Fortified wines.

Registering a significant increase in the number of participants each year, the Wines of Portugal Competition – organized by the entity Wines of Portugal, had more than 1,800 wines submitted, establishing itself as a landmark in wine competitions in Portugal.

Of all the wines tasted, it is remarkable that QUINTA VALE D’ALDEIA obtained the best distinction in the competition, in two different editions, with two different vintages.

We speak of Premium Gold with the QUINTA VALE D’ALDEIA Grande Reserva Red 2018 in the 2021 edition and Premium Gold in the following vintage, QUINTA VALE D’ALDEIA Grande Reserva Red 2019.