Cutting-edge technology for outstanding raw material

The winery was created from the ground up in 2009

Built from scratch in 2009, the winery is equipped with the most advanced vinification technology, but traditional wine-making has not been overlooked. The three-storey building fits harmoniously into the surroundings. Much of its structure is hidden, enhancing the natural beauty of the hillside, framed by a huge almond grove. Level 0 comprises two separate areas: one where the whole process of receiving the grapes takes place, while the other contains offices and social amenities, including an area for wine tasting and events, looking onto the two lower levels, as well as enjoying a panoramic view of the surrounding land.

Level -1 houses the fermentation facilities for our red wines, and this level also includes an enormous warehouse area for finished products.

Level -2 is where our white wines are fermented. It also has storage space for red wines, the bottling and labelling plant, and a superb area for maturing wines in oak.